Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Al Gore's Preaches from a Global Pulpit

Al Gore is preaching again, pushing the need for government regulation to stop the runaway global warming. But ahead of the world leaders meeting, he's meeting with the leaders of business, trying to get a jump on the coming changes. There's a couple of things wrong with his campaign, not the least of which is the utter lack of any global warming in the last several years. Today they are calling it "climate change" to avoid those who will point out that obvious fact, but the failure of their predictions to come true still hasn't changed their propaganda.

The predictions were that although global warming had slowed down a bit it was going to return like a house afire in 2009. That hasn't happened and so they pushed it ahead another ten years. That still doesn't look very likely so they are now calling for future dates that many of us will never see (and that Al Gore will never see, either, so he's pretty safe).

The truth is that Al Gore sounds like a televangelist trying to round up donations from believers.

Saying there remained time to act to avoid the direst consequences of global warming, Gore called for rapid action to stem the problem.

"We have to do it this year, not next year. Mother Nature does not do bailouts," the former vice president said.

While he preaches carbon and energy austerity, like the televangelist who is bilking his flock, Gore's house uses 20 times the energy annually of the average American. He jets around the world and travels in limos collecting his huge speaking fees while his company that sells carbon offsets makes him richer every time he gains a convert.

Gore hopes to get business executives of large corporations to push for a global agreement on environmental issues.

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Anonymous said...

al gore may be wrong in the sense that global warming will not increase in trends by 2009,, but he is wrong because global warming hasn't slowed down at all