Thursday, March 12, 2009

41% of Americans Believe Global Warming Risks Exaggerated

Poor Al Gore. He stumps and preaches and spreads the word, but fewer and fewer Americans are coming up for the global warming altar call. In fact, a full 41% of Americans now believe that the media representations of the dangers of global warming are exaggerated.

This is good news, of course, for it indicates a growing sense of distrust amongst Americans for the pre-digested and pre-loaded opinion pieces that are presented as news on major media outlets. Considering all points of view and making up your own mind is once again becoming the norm.

For instance, in an article the other day on the AP, they hyped the certainty of impending global warming disaster. Accompanying the piece was a photograph of an iceberg floating in a sparkling blue ocean. The iceberg, of course had a large hole in the center, indicating its fragility. The caption however, reveals that the photo was taken in August of 2007. Imagine, an Arctic iceberg melting in summer.

It's not really about what they say, and definitely not about the headlines. Often, it's what they don't say. Another article stated that 2005 - 2007 were the hottest years on record according to "some measurements". They didn't tell you that those measurements were later proved to be faulty and that the hottest year on record was actually 1934.

So here's to the growing number of thinking Americans, to those who are tired of the hype and misinformation and prefer to make up their own minds. Without them, we wouldn't have an America today, and without them, we won't have one in the future.


Tom said...

I completely agree that people should just take information at face value, it all has a bias and can be distorted. But I think that the issue of climate change cannot be ignored, we are undeniably having a rapid, negative impact on the one and only planet that we have. Until we are able to transfer ourselves to another living space (say mars) then we should take the discussion and information about these global changes very very seriously. I am really curious to know what other information is out there in terms of public education though...

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