Saturday, May 3, 2008

Scientists Postpone Global Warming...Again

It wasn't too long ago that global warming scientists were predicting that the current cooling trend would reverse in 2009 and global warming would return with a vengeance, making the next five years even hotter than 1998, the warmest year on record.

However, the climate hasn't cooperated and the trend towards cooling seems to be with us for a while. Therefore, they have changed their scenario, with cooling going on for the next ten years after which global warming will return.

The biggest concern for the global warming alarmists is that as the cooling period goes on year after year, it will be less likely that their predictions about global warming will be believed by a public that is already sick of the propaganda saturation in the media, the schools and now, even the churches.

It is, of course, a computer model that tells them that global warming will make a rebound. In fact, all of the global warming theory is based on computer models. As all of them have so far failed to be accurate, it is amazing that they expect people to accept the projections of yet another computer model that defies observable climate trends.

But perhaps the cooling trend explains the global warming media hype that shot out new and more gruesome predictions daily and continues to do so, all the while calling for action to be taken before it was too late. It explains the frustration of Al Gore at the lack of public concern about global warming - he needed them to believe before it got cooler.

But the truth is that it is already too late. It's too late to stop many of the ill-conceived and dangerous policies that have been put in place to combat global warming and it may be too late to undo the economic harm they have caused.