Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Global Warming Fears Fuel Starvation

We've pointed out before that the rise of ethanol and other biofuels in response to global warming fears was not only not the right answer, not only not better for the environment but was morally reprehensible as farmers turned to growing crops for fuel rather than for food.

As prices rise and grain stocks fall to an unprecedented low, people are already starving. While rich celebrities parade their carbon offsets and whip up frenzy over global warming fears, those who struggle in poverty are paying the real price. No carbon offset will buy them food, no pretty speeches about environmental issues will feed the starving children.

Read Global warming rage lets global hunger grow.


TV de LCD said...
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Anonymous said...

The views on your site give an excellent insight into the minds of people who wish to ignore the MOUNTAIN of evidence for global warming.

A similar experience, could be had by talking to 'flat earth' proponents who still to this day wish to believe that the earth is flat. Your site would be simply amusing if it were not also increadibly harmful.

It encourages points of view chosen by wishful thinking and ignorance; as apposed to examining the extensive evidence available on the subject.

Have fun in your fantasy world, you ignorant, pre-renaissance, anti-logic (critical thinking), belief based idiots.

PS. Please feel free to explain to the rest of us how and why the ice-shelves on BOTH OF OUR POLES are melting at an unprecedented rate, raising the sea-levels WORLD WIDE.

GWT said...

Anonynous, (catchy name btw) there is just so much misinformation in your comment to be able to successfully address it without writing a completely new blog, but here goes.

If you were to read not just the articles on this site, but even sources you might respect, such as the UN, you would realize that there hasn't been any warming since 1998 and there has in fact been cooling since 2001. That's the data, I didn't do it.

As to the poles, ice at the south pole is actually increasing. Only one area has had thinning of ice. Overall the ice on Antarctica is increasing and it has been getting colder there steadily for the last 50 years.

As to the north pole - Apparently you have also not heard of the report from NASA regarding Arctic Ocean circulation and how it is responsible for the changes in sea ice.

Finally, Arctic ice and ice shelves at both poles are sea ice - that is, they are floating in the ocean. That means they are already displacing water equal to their volume and if they were to melt, could not possibly raise sea levels. You need land ice to melt to do that.

The real problem, my friend, is that you are surrounded by media hype and frenzy and unable to consider reversal of your thought trend even when the UN admits that there has been a downward trend in temperatures and that pursuit of biofuels is causing food shortages. Did you even read the linked article? This is not my report. It is the UN that is bemoaning the consequences of what is essentially their own agenda.

I don't have any names to call you, that wouldn't advance the discussion in any way. But before you make up your mind, you should read about the mountain of evidence, the lies and hoaxes (such as the hockey stick graph)perpetrated by the proponents of global warming theory and be open to come to your own conclusion.

Anonymous said...

thank you gwt for your informed responce to my overly heated rant.

Although still a firm proponent of warming & rise in sea level, the scientist in me must admit that your sea ice/existing displacement of water statement is a solid argument. You have given me something to look into.


GWT said...


I don't think I have ever had anyone return and leave a gracious comment. Thank you.

I still urge you to consider that there isn't a lot of evidence for the theory of continuing global warming and that the measures that are being put in place will cause needless suffering for the poorest of the poor,


Redmutts said...

I am interested in your discussion and have looked at some of the evidence you have put forward. If we take the link to the NASA article in your comments, are you putting that forward as evidence that global warming is not happening? There seems to be nothing in that article that asserts that this is not happening - quite the opposite it seems to take global warming as a given. The article simply asserts that changes in Artic ice may not be due to any great extent to global warming - but does not assert that global warming is not happening.