Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Global Warming Didn't Kill the Frogs

It appears that it may not be a solid scientific fact that global warming (or "climate change" as the propagandists now prefer as they morph their theo-climatology into a vehicle that can still be profitable even if the change doesn't turn out to be a warm one)is responsible for the recent disappearance of harlequin frogs.

The researchers who claimed the link blamed global warming for the re-emergence of a chytrid fungus. However, since then, other scientists have disputed the absolute link between the fungus and global warming, saying that the origin of the fungus and the way it kills amphibians remain unknown.

The two camps continue to dispute each other's findings, but the important point to remember is that what the IPCC has accepted as facts are not always settled points of science. The "facts" that are the underpinnings of the IPCC-backed global warming theory are constantly being disputed and in some cases, contradicted by real facts.

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