Saturday, February 23, 2008

Backwards Science

The future ain't what it used to be. That's the contention of Thomas Peterson who has set out to "debunk" the global cooling fears of the 1970s. Global warming ain't what it used to be either, with record cold and snow falling for the first time in decades worldwide (including snow in Baghdad for the first time in 100 years), it's hard to keep the focus on global warming. After all, people who are knee-deep in white stuff and shivering aren't a very receptive audience to the message that humans are going to turn the world tropical. They are likely to say "bring it on".

This is science in reverse. Peterson is not interested in the consensus on global warming or investigating skeptic scientists' views and research. He has been busy trying to prove there was no scientific consensus on global cooling and the fears of an ice age. Truthfully, if I were a global warming scientist, I think I would try to do something similar. After all, it does make them look a bit silly - always crying "the sky is falling".

Peterson claims that science even then was dominated by concerns about pollution and global warming, even though temperatures had been falling since the 1940s and scientists were concerned that pollution was the reason for cooling, not warming.

And if the sun is going into an inactive phase, as many scientists believe, then global cooling is the next phase on the climate agenda. If the earth continues to cool as it has been doing for the past seven years, eventually global warming will fade into obscurity. But the problem may be that we will be woefully unprepared for the cooler world, and the billions of dollars spent to keep it from warming up will have been wasted - when they could have done mankind some actual good.

The propaganda machine is already in place and preparing for this contingency as global warming alarmists begin to proclaim every climate event as a result of global warming, including the extreme cold. The fact that they are worried that they might be wrong is evidenced in such claims as global warming will lead to a colder Western Europe. They are prepared for anything, except admitting they were wrong.

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