Thursday, January 3, 2008

Russian Scientist Has Chilling Advice

A Russian scientist has some chilling advice. Buy more fur coats, stock up on boots and mittens, there's cold times ahead. Dr. Oleg Sorokhtin, Merited Scientist of Russia and fellow of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, interjects some cool analysis into the hot debate over global warming and its cause.

Dr. Sorokhtin examines the earth's climate over vast periods and believes that earth is unlikely to experience a catastrophic climate disaster. Explaining that the climate is much more complex than just the amount of carbon in the atmosphere, he discusses solar activity, the earth's axis gyration, oceanic currents and salinity fluctuations as just some of the more complex ingredients in the recipe for climate change. The hothouse theory was invented in the late 19th century by a Swedish scientist and Sorokhtin claims, its validity hasn't been seriously re-examined since.

Sorokhtin further puts forth the astonishing statement that carbon is actually good for plants. It would seem to be common sense, since carbon dioxide is essential to plant life, but Sorokhtin further gives the example of the increase in global farm yields in the mid-20th century.

Sorokhtin doesn't deny that we are in a warm period but says that it has peaked and there's no place for the mercury to go from here but down. He warns that the next ice age will be worst than the last, with ice sheets covering Europe as far south as Moscow.

But take heart, he doesn't expect that to happen for another 100,000 years.


Anonymous said...

Finally someone talking sense in this madness that is the "global warming crisis."

Anonymous said...

Well folks, it could just about take the cake for comedy capers when it comes to weird hoaxes. And guess what ...the blogosphere swallowed it hook, line and sinker. Blogs all over ran this story verbatim ...and obviously without reading it with any discernment.

The author is telling everyone that the science community has got it all wrong on global warming ...and we are now going to go into "global cooling". But there's a big problem ...this global cooling "expert" doesn't even know the most basic science on the subject. Hello ....

Let's start with this:

"....and no such thing as the hothouse effect."
Dah!...." ..hothouse effect" ? Doesn't he mean the greenhouse effect? Who of any authority gets this term wrong?

"As we know, hothouse gases, in particular, nitrogen peroxide, ..."
What?! Nitrogen peroxide?! ...hothouse gas ...This has to be an early April Fools Joke?

Get your BS antennas on!

If the author is referring to NO2 (the closest gas to Nitrogen peroxide)- then that's not even a minor greenhouse gas!

What's going on here?

And also seems that there is no scientific paper presenting the so-called "" !?

Come on we have a major announcement that global cooling will soon kick-in but a scientific paper presenting the information is absent; ...and ...there are major factual errors in this article written by a so-called "..Merited Scientist.." from Russia who announces this groundbreaking research ?!

I seriously wonder if this is a hoax. I don't think anyone with scientific credibility could write an article like this.

But it doesn't stop there.

First the article author says:

"As we know, hothouse gases, in particular, nitrogen peroxide, warm up the atmosphere..... "

Then he says:

"The temperature of the troposphere, the lowest and densest portion of the atmosphere, does not depend on the concentration of greenhouse gas emissions...."

Seems like he is trying to have it both ways. So if you are feeling a bit confused're not alone seems the author is as well.

I wonder if this article could be best explained as a clumsy attempt by Russian Big Oil trying to sure up their economy now oil is a Russian major export.

And at $100 a barrel, I bet the Russians would like to suck up as many Euro's, US$, and yen as they possibly can ...and it seems that there's more-than-enough suckers who would happily give it to them they can contribute to stopping that fairy land 'global cooling'!

By the way, turns out that Sorohktin - the article author - is a geophysicist with established links to Russian Big Oil.

But what's interesting is how many GW denier style blogs actually ran this story verbatim a net search. So now the GW deniers are disseminating Russian Big Oil propaganda. ...and was that for free?

GWT said...

Anonymous #1:

We try to find people who talk sense about global warming, but it's not always easy.

GWT said...

Anonymous #2:

The article was not written in English, rather it was written in Russian and translated to English in an online Russian publication. Therefore any such apparent differences in terminology such as "hothouse" and "greenhouse" (the two things are the same btw) are probably differences in translation or just differences. It's a great big world out there, even in English the same word doesn't always mean the same thing in the US as it means in the UK.

I assume the nitrogen peroxide may be another such translation deficit.

The article isn't in a scientific magazine nor does he reference any "groundbreaking research". What he does, very simply, is point out the complexity of climate and why pinning any climate change on one factor is being naive and ignoring other important factors.

2008 is predicted to be cooler than the last seven years, and although the last seven years were warmer than a few decades ago, there was no increased warming, they remained static. No increased warming while CO2 has increased. If the CO2 induced global warming theory is correct, it should still be getting warmer and it isn't.