Tuesday, January 8, 2008

2008 Will Be Cooler

Just reading the news about global warming can give you a headache. Take this story which blazes a headline 2008 to be in top 10 warmest years say forecasters. You then reasonably expect that the article will tell us how things will be warming up in 2008, but does it? No. The article then goes on to tell us that 2008 will be actually be cooler than the last seven years. This is a clear sign of global warming. Confused? Good, you're supposed to be.

The article stresses that it was very warm in the last decade but doesn't mention that there has been no increase in global temperature for the last seven years. They cite La Nina as a reason that 2008 will be cooler but don't worry, this doesn't mean that global warming got off track - it's going to get hotter, just wait for it.

The truth is that the average decline of temperatures over the last seven years and extending now into the forecasted temperatures for 2008 actually supports the beliefs of many climatologists that the warming period has peaked and "global warming" is pretty much over.

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