Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Millions of People Live Despite Global Warming

No, you're not likely to see that headline. The press thrives on disaster, so you will never hear that any changes, if happening, are slow to manifest and that the ultimate extinction of man is not nigh.

Over 400 scientists, many of whom are former or current members of the IPCC have disputed the claims about global warming from the Goracle and the IPCC just this year alone. Still, the press seizes anything that even hints of global warming and runs with it, it's a media frenzy. And it's not hard to find stories about global warming, everything is caused by global warming - rain, snow, heat, cold, drought, flood - you name it, global warming must be to blame. There have many stories in the press regarding the UN conference in Bali, but how many stories were run about the 100 concerned scientists who converged on Bali to urge the conference attendees to stop endangering the world's economies by enacting policies that won't do a thing to stop climate change but may cause economic collapse and a shift in the balance of power?

That's basically what it's all about - power and money.

The UN is proposing a global carbon tax that should net the UN $10-$40 billion dollars a year. Al Gore is chairman and part owner of a business that sells carbon offsets and has made another $100 million from being the global warming spokesman to the world. So who are the parties with monetary interests in global warming?

The press doesn't report that average global temperature has been falling for the past five years, they don't report that a peer-reviewed study of the computer models being used by the global warming alarmists found that they are faulty and have been shown to be inaccurate.

They don't report that at the heart of the global warming agenda is a "redistribution of wealth" as advocated by the "Friends of the Earth" who attended the conference in Bali. And yet they laugh at Czech President Vaclav Klaus when he compares the global warming agenda to communism.

The press prints pictures of polar bears standing on an ice floe riddled with more holes than swiss cheese along with a story about polar bears drowning due to the ice melting but don't tell you that the picture was taken 3 years ago during the summer and that polar bears can swim more than 100 miles.

And they wonder why so many have ceased to believe their global warming hype.

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