Thursday, December 6, 2007

Kangaroo Farts Good for the Environment

Although diary farmers and steak lovers alike have taken a hit from the global warming crowd over the greenhouse effect of bovine flatulence, scientists are waxing enthusiastic over kangaroo digestive emissions. According to them, kangaroos have a special bacteria in their digestive system that keeps their farts devoid of methane, making them more environmentally friendly.

Scientists in Queensland say they can isolate this bacteria so that it can be introduced into feed for sheep and cattle so that their digestive systems will get a tune-up, utilize the food they eat 10 to 15 % more efficiently and not produce the flatulence that contributes to global warming.

There was no indication that scientists worry that the bacteria in kangaroo digestive systems would cause any trouble for the cows and sheep who have never before encountered this bacteria. It might be worth investigating before there is a plague of "jumping cow disease" or something similar.

Since kangaroos are in plenitful supply, some scientists recommend that people just eat more kangaroo and forget about lamb and beef entirely.


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