Thursday, December 27, 2007

Global Warming Will Leave Only One Political Party

Journalist David Lindorff has found something about global warming that he likes. Based on his interpretation of the effects of global warming, he figures that the parts of the country that are home to vast numbers of conservative voters will soon be underwater or rendered uninhabitable by the ravages of global warming. Fewer conservatives, he reckons, is a "silver lining" to the dark cloud of catastrophic climate change.

According to Lindorff's post Global Warming Will Save America from the Right...Eventually, we can expect Florida, parts of Texas, Georgia, South Carolina and North Carolina to be flooded out in less time than Lindorff expects his two cats to live. He also gloats over his expectations that the midwest farmlands will suffer droughts that will empty out the breadbasket of America and all those pesky conservative farmers. The suffering caused by food shortages doesn't seem to upset him, I guess that is balanced out by the depletion of the people he considers most dangerous - those who don't agree with him. He also finds joy in the idea that conservative retirees will probably no longer have Southwest "right-wing" retirement communities to flock to.

When these citizens are displaced by climate change and are forced to move into other areas, Lindorff suggests some type of organized effort and gerrymandering to make sure they never again wield any political power.

The vitriol and decidedly unconstitutional suggestions made by Lindorff reveal more about him, liberals and the global warming alarmists than a million articles written by a conservative or even a climate skeptic ever could. His frustration obviously stems from the fact that the numbers of those who aren't buying into the global warming alarmism are increasing, and Americans are not as ready to commit economic suicide as he would like.

Luckily, none of what David Lindorff is clapping his hands in glee over is actually going to happen. Unfortunately, it is his type of fringe eco-liberal kooks who are constantly keeping the doom scenarios on the front page of papers and promoting policies that if enacted, will succeed where global warming will not - the destruction of the world as we know it.

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