Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Offsetting Utah

The Department of Energy plans to spend $67 million dollars to pump carbon dioxide into rock formations in Utah as a way to contain the greenhouse gas and keep out of the atmosphere.

CO2 will be compressed and then injected 5000 feet below the surface into muddy layers of rock. Geologists know that these rock formations can hold C02; until 1979 they pumped CO2 out of a large underground pool of it to make dry ice and soda drinks.

Whether these measures will have any effect on the climate remains to be seen. What they will do is create a new industry. They will also raise the value of property in these areas. It's interesting that while the global warming alarmists are lambasting large corporations who, in their opinion, have become pollution-creating, climate-destroying creatures of greed, that there is plenty of money to be made from the scare and guilt-mongering of global warming theory. Everyone from the guy selling carbon offsets to neutralize your cat's carbon pawprints to new industries that promise to bury CO2 where it will never hurt you is bound to make a buck.

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