Friday, November 16, 2007

Hurricanes Cause Global Warming

Gore's assertion that Katrina was fueled by global warming has been generally disputed and rejected by nearly all hurricane experts (as well as a high court justice in the UK). On top of that, the past two hurricane seasons have fallen far short of even average and have definitely not lived up to the predictions that the out of control temperature increases of global warming would increase hurricane frequency. Thus, it becomes harder and harder for global warming alarmists to find current evidence to support their dire pronouncements.

However, with a new twist on it, Katrina can still be a herald call to the global warming camp. A new study of NASA data shows that forests in the gulf coast were damaged by Katrina, thus diminishing their carbon-absorption as well as releasing the carbon dioxide they held into the atmosphere and ...(drum roll please) Ta da! contributing to global warming.

So if we can't blame the hurricane on global warming, we can blame global warming on the hurricane. It's all good.

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