Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Eco Credit Cards for Environmentally Safe Shopping

Because you're human it's important at times to have feel-good techniques to relieve your mind occasionally from the burden of being responsible for the impending destruction of our planet. When the UN's top climate official equates inaction on global warming to criminal irresponsibility, just driving your hybrid vehicle or filling the recycling bin isn't enough. It becomes even harder during this season of ultimate consumerism to assuage your feelings of culpability for the global warming that will soon engulf the planet and incinerate (or drown) the hopes for its future.

MBNA Canada Bank has come up with a solution that will fulfill your need for consumption of goods as well as the need to reduce your carbon footprint. Their new "green" credit card is the only environmentally sound way to do your Christmas shopping. For every $100 spent, they will buy 50 cents worth of carbon offsets. They do caution that they can't guarantee this will help the environment - since they don't know what consumers will be purchasing with the card, they can't say that their offsets will be sufficient.

Currently, this card is available only in Canada but it's sure to catch on. The Eco-Logique is sure to be a certifiable green hit with the most satisfying rewards system ever offered on a credit card.

Whether it actually helps the environment or has any impact on global warming is completely irrelevant. The card will make people "think" that they are helping the environment, and that's more important.

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