Tuesday, October 2, 2007

China Claims Credit for Curbing Climate Change Babies

China is giving itself a chunk of carbon credits for having prevented the births of 300 million people since the institution of its one-child policy. Nevermind that the policy had nothing to do with global warming or climate change whatsoever.

However, the concept that human population must be controlled and curbed is a key issue for some environmentalists and a fervent campaign to eliminate the human race for others. Take Les Knight, founder of the Voluntary Human Extinction Movement. He wants to phase out the human race in order to save the Earth. Knight's website proclaims that humans "have evolved into a virtual exotic invader of Earth's biosphere as a whole, incompatible with undomesticated life forms."

In the current greening of the population control movement, fewer people=reduced carbon emissions and therefore a chance to redeem the earth from the global warming sentence that the human existence has imposed on it. It's a wonder that China isn't claiming credits for disallowing reincarnation without a government permit.

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