Sunday, September 9, 2007

An Inconvenient Drumstick

PETA is planning a protest against Al Gore's dietary habits. When he arrives in Denver next month, members of PETA and other animal rights groups will convene to protest with signs depicting a cartoon Gore eating a drumstick and proclaiming:

"Too Chicken to go vegetarian? Meat is the No 1 cause of global warming".

"For Al Gore, the fact that his diet is a leading contributor to global warming is a highly inconvenient truth - pun intended," said Matt Prescott, a spokesman for Peta.

Which only goes to prove that PETA is insane. Sneer if you will at Al arriving in private jets to talk about carbon emissions from SUVs, publicly jeer the man who tells Americans to change their light bulbs and cut down on energy consumption while running an electric bill 20 times higher than the average citizen, but to deny a man his fried chicken is inhumane.

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Janus Torrell said...

I have switched from Extra Crispy to original in hopes of slighly lowered the thermostat setting of the world. Every little bit counts

Rollo said...

You're a good man to make such a sacrifice.