Thursday, September 6, 2007

DiCaprio Film Bores Audiences

Leonardo DiCaprio may still thrill female fans with his ice-blue eyes, but his environmental movie, The 11th Hour, has turned out to be the film equivalent of a sleeping draught as DiCaprio fails in his bid to out-scare audiences first traumatized by his enviro-mentor, Al Gore and his film, An Inconvenient Truth.

The film has done poorly at the box office, grossing only $417,913 from ticket sales in its first 18 days. Cinemas scheduled to screen the film will probably start to bow out and the mostly likely result will be a quick departure to the home-DVD medium.

The movie was criticized for its incomplete understanding of forest management and the impact that it can have on the environment by none other than Patrick Moore, a co-founder of Greenpeace. The film has even been panned by those who support man-made global warming theory.


Janus Torrell said...

I remember having to see Titanic for a date and the only good part of the movie is Leo freezing to death in the North Atlantic.

Polar Icecap 1, Leo 0

Andrea said...

Those younger kids they bring in to save a failing TV sitcom when the original kids have grown up are usually trouble. Just look at Raven.