Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Czech President Compares Global Warming to Communism

Czech President Vaclav Klaus has long been outspoken about his belief that global warming has become an environmental religion which threatens basic freedoms and resembles Marxism in its approach.

"Communism has been replaced by the threat of an ambitious environmentalism," Klaus wrote in response to questions from the US House of Representatives' Committee on Energy and Commerce.

Klaus is a man who has lived under communism. He warns of the consequences of following a environmental extremism and its effect on poorer and developing nations that cannot afford new technology. He worries about the loss of freedoms for the individual.

"This ideology preaches earth and nature and under the slogans of their protection -- similarly to the old Marxists -- wants to replace the free and spontaneous evolution of mankind by a sort of central, now global, planning of the whole world."

Currently, Klaus is featured in an ad sponsored by The Heartland Institute that is running in major US newspapers. The ad shows Klaus challenging Gore with the slogan "Global Warming is No Crisis".

Klaus is scheduled to give a speech at the UN in two weeks and warns that they will be surprised by what he has to say.

"It will be a gathering of 'Gore-ites,' so they're going to be shocked that they invited me 'by mistake,' too. And I'm going to give a very tough speech."


Janus Torrell said...

Give em hell Vaclav

Rollo said...

He knows whereof he speaks.