Sunday, August 19, 2007

Protestors Pose Nude on Glacier

On the Aletsch glacier, high in the Swiss Alps, famed photographer Spencer Tunick awaited nearly 600 volunteers in his next project.

Tunick is famous for his "living sculptures" - groups of nude people posed around landmarks, like Grand Central Station in New York.

But this time, Tunick was working with Greenpeace to highlight the dangers of global warming. All the volunteers would strip nude and pose on the glacier to call attention to climate change.

According to Swiss glaciologist Andreas Bauder of the Z├╝rich-based Federal Institute of Technology (ETH), "The Aletsch has been receding steadily over the past 150 years".

I've got news for him. The glaciers all over the world have been retreating for thousands of years, ever since the last ice age. That's what makes it possible for us to live on as much of the earth as we do.

The combination of people willing to participate in Tunick's "modern art", and the media attention given this stunt highlight more than global warming dangers. It highlights how ridiculous the protest is.

Why would you have hundreds of warm human bodies lie down on something you don't want to melt?


Janus Torrell said...

I was thinking about that too...are they trying to melt it faster?!

Andrea said...

In a way, it might be maniacally clever of them.

"Everyone lie down. as soon as the ice starts to melt, we'll shoot the picture and then you can get your warmies on again. I want to get a shot of the water pooling around your bodies."