Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Moose Commit Suicide Through Climate Change

Animals have been at the heart of the global warming controversy since the beginning.

The cow was the first to be targeted in the name of climate change. Bovine burping and flatulence have been blamed for everything from destroying the ozone layer to an increase in global warming. Worse, those who eat beef are called environmental criminals, for beef must be transported and processed, causing even more harm to the environment. No cheeseburgers if you want to be green.

And now there is a new scapegoat, or should I say scape-moose. Moose are the current focus in Norway, where it is the national animal. Norwegian researchers claim that moose contribute 2100 kilos of carbon dioxide per year through perfectly natural means.

Like the much-maligned cow, the moose, through no fault of its own, is a great purveyor of methane as a result of the bacteria in its stomach. Methane is at the top of the list of dangerous greenhouse gases. Even with the annual moose hunt season, the moose population will still be at about 90,000 in Norway.

Because moose meat is not found in every supermarket and they are not being raised for slaughter, as are cows, it is not as simple as vilifying anyone who eats moose and forcing the world into vegetarianism. It is going to be harder to solve the moose problem.

Or is it? According to Science Daily, global warming is going to kill off the moose. As temperatures get warmer, moose ticks multiply which make moose ill and die. Moose also get lazy in the warm and forage less, rest more. What's worse, as moose numbers begin to dwindle, wolves will have no moose to eat and they will also become extinct.

So perhaps the problem will take care of itself. Moose cause global warming, warm temperatures decimate the moose population and so the cycle is broken.

The whole story reminds us of the elasticity of global warming theory. Now, it is responsible for moose suicide.


Janus Torrell said...

Maybe we can supply filters for the moose emissions.... oh wait filters make things worse.

Andrea said...

Animals have been belching and farting for time immemorial. So have humans for that matter.