Thursday, August 9, 2007

Global Seesaw - Warming or Cooling?

The versatility of global warming theory is amazing. If it snows in the midwest, it's global warming. Droughts? Global Warming. Floods? Global Warming. The UN has announced that wacky weather is just more proof of global warming. Because, I guess, weather was always constant before the last century - nothing ever changed.

And for the piƩce de resistance, the data that shows that temperatures are starting to go down is also proof of global warming.

According to a story in the journal Science, global warming is now expected to drop off for the next ten years. Global warming is going to slow down. But even though that sounds like good news, don't think you can rest on your carbon offsets just yet. After that, it's going to speed up!

Talk about hedging your bets!

The problem is, that if the Earth is starting to cool, then the hype will too and all the global warming theorists will look rather foolish and some will lose a good deal of money they planned to make off of the frightened masses.

To offset the possible calming effect of cooling, the story is that it's just the calm before the storm.

"Sure, it might be snowing and frigid now, but if you don't buy a hybrid car, in ten years this entire area will be a desert. Where will you build your snowman then, huh"?

Honestly, they get sillier and sillier.



Janus Torrell said...

What happened to the second ice age they used to talk about

Rollo said...

The one Newsweek wrote about in 1975? The article talked about the disastrous consequences of the cooling earth and ways to combat it - one was to cover the arctic ice in soot so it would absorb more sunlight and melt.

That's so funny, it's tragic.