Saturday, July 28, 2007

Skeptic Receives Threatening Letter

Scientists who are outspoken in their skepticism of global warming theory have stated their belief that they are targeted for their views, ostracized from the scientific community and denied funding for research, a claim often derided by global warming activists as ridiculous and unfounded.

But what of this letter, written by Michael Eckhart, president of the American Council on Renewable Energy (ACORE) that was sent to Marlo Lewis of the Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI)?

"It is my intention to destroy your career as a liar," Mr. Eckhart wrote. "If you produce one more editorial against climate change, I will launch a campaign against your professional integrity. I will call you a liar and charlatan to the Harvard community of which you and I are members. I will call you out as a man who has been bought by Corporate America. Go ahead, guy. Take me on."

The letter was brought to the attention of EPA head Stephen L. Johnson by Senator James M. Inhofe. The EPA is a member of ACORE.

So much for reasonable debate. If anyone doubted the blind zealotry of the warmies, this letter should resolve that doubt. The warmies boast that they have a scientific consensus of opinion on anthropogenic global warming (nevermind that their numbers are inflated, that's another post), but skeptics have long asserted that many climate scientists who regard the theory as flawed are afraid to speak up for fear of swift and costly retribution.

So why would anyone speak out their dissenting opinion at all? Simply, because they can see the greater harm that will be done by the political agenda of the global warming activists, the widespread economic disaster, the futility of their efforts to control the Earth's climate and the millions who will suffer for them.

Yet the list of skeptics and dissenters is continually growing and includes some very impressive names. For a list of the prominent scientists who have joined the ranks of climate change skeptics see this list at the press blog of Sen. James Inhofe, member of the Senate Committee on Environment & Public Works.

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