Monday, July 30, 2007

Researchers Blame Global Warming for Hurricanes

The global warming media blitz goes on. Researchers at the National Center for Atmospheric Research say that the number of tropical storms and hurricanes has doubled over the last century, and global warming is to blame.

According to researchers Greg J. Holland and Peter J. Webster, the incidence of hurricanes is increasing and if global warming goes on unabated we will enter a period of sharp upswing.

Nonsense, says Chris Landsea of the National Hurricane Center and possibly the most knowledgeable expert in the field of North Atlantic hurricanes. According to Landsea:

The work, he said, is "sloppy science that neglects the fact that better monitoring by satellites allows us to observe storms and hurricanes that were simply missed earlier. The doubling in the number of storms and hurricanes in 100 years that they found in their paper is just an artifact of technology, not climate change."

Holland states that we will probably see "a stabilization in frequencies for a while" - probably due to the fact that the 2006 hurricane forecast was a total flop, with a quiet season that didn't match up to feverish predictions and in light of the fact that the 2007 forecast, the season to end all seasons, has also been downgraded - mostly due to the lack of storms thus far.

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