Sunday, July 15, 2007

The Pope Goes Neutral

The Vatican has decided to go carbon-neutral by accepting a donation of land in Hungary as the Vatican Climate Forest. The size of the park will be determined by the carbon usage of the Vatican so that it will be large enough to offset all the papal emissions. This makes the Vatican the first sovereign state to go entirely carbon neutral. I think they should go all out on energy usage while their carbon footprint is being measured to build a hedge for the future.

Meanwhile, a US led science team studying forests has determined that forests in northern mid- and upper-latitudes are not as effective as tropical forests in reducing global warming. Tropical forests remove a much higher percentage of carbon emissions from the atmosphere. The study is reported in the magazine Science.

Samplings of air taken from around the world indicate that northern forests are not taking up as much carbon dioxide as previously thought and that tropical forests are taking up as much as 40% of their slack

It has not been reported whether this finding will cause revocation of the carbon offsets people have obtained through the planting of trees in northern latitudes.


Clive said...

So what you're saying is that, in future when the cardinals sit to elect a new pope and they send up smoke signals according to whether they've reached a decision or not, there will be extra activity going on in a Hungarian forest to make up for all that smoke...

Rollo said...

Well, since Hungary is not a tropical land, the Vatican's forest may not provide enough carbon offsets to make up for the smoke. We suggest environmentally-friendly fluorescent light bulbs.

Janus Torrell said...

Clive they will use filtered smoke, better for the environment and not as bad as the Cardinal-Menthols.

I'm a bit mad that I did all that Arbor day stuff and it didn't work.