Sunday, July 22, 2007

Don't Trust Rust

One of the fairly risky but probably profitable new schemes to combat global warming is the plan to dump hundreds of tons of iron dust into the oceans of the world in the hopes that it will cause increased phytoplankton blooms that will absorb more carbon dioxide.

To their credit, the World Wildlife Fund is opposed to the dumping of the iron dust, citing possible negative effects such as the introduction of other trace minerals along with the iron dust, some of which may prove harmful to some other forms of marine life. They argue that this plan could cause changes in the ecosystem that would have far-reaching consequences.

"There are much safer and proven ways of preventing or lowering carbon dioxide levels than dumping iron into the ocean," said Dr. Lara Hansen, chief scientist, WWF International Climate Change Program. "This kind of experimentation with disregard for marine life and the lives of people who rely on the sea is unacceptable."

Planktos, Inc., a for-profit company, has plans to dump iron dust at locations in the Atlantic and Pacific oceans.


Janus Torrell said...

Whenever I hear WWF I still think of the World Wrestling Federation and then I realize that they don't have scientists.

Still glad that they are bringing some sanity to this, but I hope someone stops the quackery.

Rollo said...

In the 70s they wanted to dump soot on the North Pole to warm it up and prevent an ice age...