Saturday, July 14, 2007

Live Earth Fails to Save the Planet

The Goracle attributes the fact that people are beginning to dismiss his shrill hype and scare tactics to the despicable balance in media coverage of global warming that includes even those who disagree with the theory's basic tenets. But when he offered the public a worldwide series of concerts, boasting some of the biggest names in music, he thought he was golden.

But he hasn't garnered only praise for his efforts. There has been criticism of the massive electricity usage of the concert, the trash generated by the crowds, the carbon emissions of the planes that carried the bands to their destinations and worse than that, believers didn't even turn out to watch it in the expected numbers.

In Johannesburg, SA, the unseasonable snow was blamed for the low turnout while in the UK, the weather was just too nice for people to spend their time at a concert. And those who didn't attend, didn't watch either. According to BBC figures, Live Earth scored lower ratings than the Concert for Diana, with 3.1 million viewers tuned in to Live Earth as compared to 11.4 million for the Diana tribute.

Live Earth hasn't got good press since the event, either. Rod Stewart, who is something of a famous rock artist himself, took issue with the vulgar language of some of the comedians and musicians (why wasn't Tipper handing out warning labels?). Rumors imply that Madonna was faking her guitar solo.

The Live Earth event generated 3000 times more carbon emissions than the average Briton does in a year. Remember the good old days when we thought rock n' roll could save the world?


Janus Torrell said...

Few more concerts like that will kill us all. We should have a concert to stop concerts like that...

wait...that wouldn't work.

Rollo said...

The funniest site I saw was a mock Live Earth site which apparently they managed to get taken down because it disappeared the same day I found it.

They had an alternate method of staging the Live Earth awareness concert without massive energy usage or nasty carbon emissions.

They suggested that in several major cities that people should walk, bike or take public transport to a central location and they could all listen to music on their iPods while rallying to support efforts to end global warming. Eliminating any live bands eliminated the need for private jets and resource-consuming entourages and everyone gets to hear exactly the music they like.