Saturday, July 14, 2007

Co2 Increases Follow Temp Increases

It's interesting that scientists can attribute the last deglaciation period at the end of the Ice Age to natural warming cycles, even postulate on what caused this warming cycle, but any warming in the last century they are positive has only one cause: man.

Now research from The Earth Institute at Columbia University shows that at the time of the last large deglaciation, the earth's warming brought about a large upwelling of deep ocean waters, releasing massive amounts of CO2 into the atmosphere.

That's an important sequence. The earth warmed, then the oceans released large amounts of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

The fact that this correlates exactly with what the global warming skeptics have been saying all along - that rises in CO2 follow rises in temperature, and not the other way around - seems to be completely overlooked.

They admit that CO2 levels go in cycles, they admit that the earth has natural warming cycles, they admit that warming causes release of more carbon dioxide from the oceans into the atmosphere, they admit to everything except the obvious: the current global warming cycle might be natural as well.

It's like a pet theory they can't let go of, even when evidence points to another theory as being at least as likely if not more likely. If the earth managed to emerge from the last Ice Age with no help from carbon-emitting, fossil fuel burning, SUV-driving humans, then it is clear that the earth's temperature is capable of much greater and more extreme swings than man could ever hope to cause by just existing on the planet and maintaining his civilization.

Climate swings have brought great CO@ pulses up from the deep sea

Marine Radiocarbon Evidence for the Mechanism of Deglacial Atmospheric CO2 Rise abstract

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